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Strategy-Based SAT Prep

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Deconstructing The SAT 

SAT Prep Redefined is a strategy-based prep course that simplifies and streamlines the problem solving process on standardized tests, allowing students to excel on exams regardless of their academic or socio-economic standing.
With more than 18 years of experience and over 7,000 students empowered, ALC has established itself as one of the top learning centers for SAT prep in the country.

Strategy-Based Test Prep:  The Secret To Higher Scores

  • Focuses on strategies and techniques, not memorization and recall
  • Simplifies & streamlines the problem solving process so that you can get to the correct answer faster.
  • Increases your test taking speed and accuracy, producing higher scores.
  • Gives you the confidence you need to conquer any standardized test!
Students Empowered From Around The World
Average Point Score Increase