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Cassandra Tokars

Hi, I’m Mrs. T

For over 22 years, I’ve been on a mission at Accelerations Learning Center to change the way students prepare for the SAT.

My journey began when I saw too many bright students become frustrated and overwhelmed by traditional SAT prep methods.

I knew there HAD to be a better way..

Drawing on my experience and the latest in educational strategies..

I developed a system that not only improves scores but does so by empowering students rather than overwhelming them.

Our approach has helped OVER 13,000 students achieve their college dreams by boosting their SAT scores by 200-700+ points, gaining admission to top colleges like Harvard, Yale, MIT, and more.

I created this webinar to give you a sneak peek into the secrets of our success so your child can also reach their full potential. Join me to discover how we can make the SAT a stepping stone to success, not a stumbling block.

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