Our core values.

"You must touch hearts before you can ever touch the mind."
Cassandra Tokars

We Foster Education

Educating without limits is what we do. From one-on-one tutoring to SSAT, PSAT, ACT, or SAT classes, we believe that every student deserves an opportunity for academic success.

We Pursue Excellence

With over 18 years of success, our tutors and teachers are hand selected to draw out the best from our students. Through our private tutoring and college prep classes, our students have excelled at schools like Harvard, Yale, Princeton, and Stanford.

We Create opportunities

Education is the pathway to opportunities. We will build the academic foundation that a child needs to pursue his or her passions and dreams in college.


From Our Founder

I write to you incredibly honored and humbled for the opportunity to educate your children and give back to a world that has blessed me so. It is amazing how fortunate I have been in my life with the privilege of being able to do what I love most: inspire kids to do their very best and reach for the stars. Which is the reason my non-profit is called Nahoku ‘Ala. Thank you for allowing me to share with you a new journey that will open new doors and give endless opportunities to Hawaii’s students competing for America’s top colleges.

Over the last few years, I have seen my SAT program change lives. Tia, a graduate of Roosevelt High School, attends the University of Hawaii on a full scholarship. Her single mom works three jobs, and sent her to Accelerations for math help in her Junior year. I gave her the opportunity to attend my SAT prep class at no cost; she improved her score of 1020 to just above 1600. That score gained her admission into the University of Hawaii with a full scholarship! Tia would never have been able to afford college with two younger siblings at home. Tia, and others like her, have inspired me to start a non-profit SAT prep program to service students who do not have the means to afford it.

To build my non-profit, I launched the SAT Prep Class this summer at Sacred Hearts Academy, an allgirls’ school, where 40 percent of the students are on financial aid. My goal was to provide these students with an incredible SAT Prep program that will give them endless opportunities. The excitement and enthusiasm of these young women was exhilarating.

The program generated measurable results in just six weeks, raising participants’ SAT scores an average of 300 points, and I will be personally accountable as I continue to provide classes to these incoming juniors and an additional sophomore class.

As we prepare to launch this program in the public schools, my goal is to exceed the possible with possibility for students who are capable but need financial help. Together, we can lift up each one of these deserving students and plant the seeds of self worth, changing their lives forever.

Mahalo nui loa,

Cassandra Tokars