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W.T. – Accelerated Tutoring

Our twin daughters just heard the great news – they will be entering 4th grade Punahou this fall. A huge thank you to Brandt Izumo!! Our kids call him Mr. B. – he really helped them prep for their SSATs and they both scored very high. They always enjoyed going to Mr. B’s sessions because he makes it fun, he has a calm, positive and funny personality, and the girls liked the way he explained how to get to the answers.  He also helped prep for the group session as well.  My girls never once complained that it was extra work beyond all the homework they had to do because they loved Mr. B. As parents, we did too.  The owner Mrs. T – Cassandra Tokars – is great as well. Accelerations has such a positive, supporting and nurturing environment. THANK YOU MR. B!!!

Sandra Z

Sandra Z. – Harvard Student

Mrs. T is absolutely amazing. She has great tips for testing that came to be very useful and efficient. Not only was her teaching very direct but also very fun and entertaining. I had a blast. She makes great connections with us students. My highest ACT score was a 34 out of 36. I will be attending Harvard in the fall of 2017.


Julie F.

I cannot say enough about this wonderful organization! My son was tutored primarily by Mr. B – who helped my son discover a love for math. His instruction approach was hands on and ideal for my son who does not learn in the traditional, lecture style method. He allowed my son to walk around while learning, without making him sit still in his seat without squirming. Allowing that was half the battle.

We were also delighted to have worked with Miss Chloe, who was a huge help in English.

She built up his confidence and gave him reachable objectives to meet on a regular basis. He looked forward to going to tutoring, and never came home discouraged or unhappy. They absolutely know how to get through to kids and connect with them on a very authentic level.

We had a number of other tutors work with our son, and every single person we encountered was absolutely phenomenal. I want to thank everybody at Accelerations. We’ll be back again!

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Please indicate the current grade of your student.
Please provide some detail about your student and their needs.

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